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“The film community is thrilled that Netflix and CMPP are joining forces in Vancouver as it gives us greater opportunities to work on Netflix’s ground-breaking and diverse productions. CMPP is one of the best facilities I’ve worked at and the gold standard for stages,” Rose Lam

Netflix Launches Latest Production Hub in Vancouver

“The depth of talent in Vancouver is unmatchable and (CMPP) has gone out of our way to build facilities that make it possible for producers such as Netflix to just make better and better programing”

Hollywood North Gets Boost from Streaming Giant

“Netflix has signed a lease agreement with Burnaby’s Canadian Motion Picture Park — one that solidifies the streaming giant’s roots in B.C.”

Burnaby’s Motion Picture Park confirms deal with Netflix

“The streaming giant (Netflix) announcing a long term deal to make (CMPP) one of it’s three international hubs” 


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“This 35-acre lot includes 18 stages, and the largest back lot for outdoor scenes in North America” –Michael Portillo, BBC

Great American Railway Journeys, Episode 3 (2020)

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“Warner Bros. began to pay more attention to our facility because we were practically the newest, largest, the most advanced, technologically, facility in British Columbia,”

The Burnaby studio home to Supernatural celebrated the show’s 300th episode in a special way.

Burnaby Film Studio Grows By One

Burnaby Now June 24, 2015

Member of Parliament Raj Chouhan recognizes the growth of CMPP