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Built By Producers, For Producers

“This 35-acre lot includes 18 stages, and the largest back lot for outdoor scenes in North America” –Michael Portillo, BBC

Great American Railway Journeys, Episode 3 (2020)

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“Warner Bros. began to pay more attention to our facility because we were practically the newest, largest, the most advanced, technologically, facility in British Columbia,”

The Burnaby studio home to Supernatural celebrated the show’s 300th episode in a special way.

Burnaby Film Studio Grows By One

Burnaby Now June 24, 2015

Member of Parliament Raj Chouhan recognizes the growth of CMPP

Come visit us in beautiful British Columbia, the largest production center in North America.

You will see why over 200 projects film here every year, taking advantage of the region’s vast diversity of locations, incomparable support services, and competitive pricing.

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Alec Fatalevich

Marjorie Poore Fatalevich

Steven Ty
Vice President, Operations & Finance

Jennifer Rosenthal
Director, Business Development

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Canadian Motion Picture Park
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