A 25-acre complex in Metro Vancouver with over 300,000 square feet of purpose-built stages and support facilities for film and television production, CMPP has been home to a large list of blockbuster feature films and long-running television series, including Mission Impossible, Godzilla, Supernatural, A Million Little Things,  Batwoman, World of Warcraft, and Legends of Tomorrow.

With 18 stages of varying sizes all built in the last 20 years, CMPP has some of the most unique stage offerings in the world, including three mega-stages, a perfectly square stage, and smaller insert studios. The stages offer state-of-the-art tilt-up construction, sound proofing and deadening, clear-spans to 40’ heights, advanced air exchange systems, and trusses designed for heavy loads.

CMPP offers 80,000 sq ft of extensive office and support facilities for all types of production projects. They include shops for construction, paint, metal working, picture cars, special effects, prop storage, modern offices, on-site security, VoIP phone systems, IT support, and ample parking.

With the only Backlot of this kind in B.C., CMPP can meet the demanding needs of any production. With a variety of surfaces, the existing facades are fully customizable with functioning store fronts throughout.